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You Dream it, We make it  Reality...

             well thought out Landscape or Hardscape design makes all the difference. Nick Hanna is the main designer. Nick has been in the field                  since he was 15 years old and has installed and built everything from walkways and patios to large outdoor rooms and pools. Nick has a profound knowledge of installation techniques and methods. Here at NRC, we strongly believe that knowing how something is installed properly will make sure that it will function when designed. It is easy to design a patio but it is not easy to design a patio that will actually function and flow properly when used. We have seen designs that do not match the final product due to the designer not knowing how certain elements will look and function when installed in real time. This is why NRC has a great reputation for pushing the limits in designs. Nick has installed everything that he designs. Experience not only in design, but in real time installation, that is the NRC difference. 


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NRC will make your vision come to life. With over 16 years of experience in Landscape Design, NRC will design a functional Pool, Patio or Landscape that works for YOU. 


Depending on your project, you will receive a detailed 3D Design, Plant list (If applicable) and Plan measurements.

If you have an HOA, we will take your design and scale it on your county approved plot. It's that easy. Call today and let's work together to make your dream a reality.

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Do I Need a Design

We strongly believe that a great plan makes a great Landscape. Would you build a house with no plans? The same concept should be applied with any size Hardscape and Landscape project.  It is a lot easier to move a wall on paper than it is after construction has started... Proper planning is essential to a beautiful Landscape / Hardscape project.



Design Tips

Here are some tips when you start planning your new outdoor space:


The first: SIZE.

When it comes to patios, the saying "size matters" does not really apply. We have customers tell us they have the space and budget for a large patio, however, after a consultation we start to realize they will not be utilizing a quarter of the patio they originally wanted. We can add more features to the patio such as walls, lighting, structures or landscaping and still maintain your budget. You also want to be careful not make the patio too small. Think about the future and what kind of outdoor furniture you may want to add to your patio. Also, make sure you leave space for an extra table if you plan on entertaining.


The second: STEPS.

Elevations to a patio will create dimension and works well when installed on property with different grades. Be careful when placing your steps in the design because they can become a hazard and actually make the functional space on your patio smaller. If you like a patio with elevations, we will draw your furniture to scale and place it on the patio to ensure you have room to maneuver as well as functionality.



Time and time again we see a great looking patio that could look amazing if landscaping and/or lighting were added. When planning a budget for your new space, don't overlook the landscaping.  When designed properly, landscaping will provide shade, focus on lighting and of course color and texture. We use trees and large shrubs as backdrops for our up lighting to give the patio some ambient light as well as interesting shadows. The landscaping can also be used for drainage and water control. A well designed patio at night should have enough ambient light for a person to navigate without the use of spotlights and flood lights. Up lights and path lights can be added after the patio is built.  Wall and step lights are installed during construction. Remember, a patio is an addition to your home to be enjoyed day and night.

These are just a few design obstacles that need to be addressed when designing and investing in an outdoor space.  NRC is here to help you through the entire process. We will make sure your ideas are incorporated. The space will be designed the way your family will be using it.


Call us today for your free design estimate & we will work together to make your vision a reality.

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