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Nick's Garden

Thank you for viewing My Garden! 


I have been working on this garden for over 5 years now and every year is a learning experience.


The soil is a mixture of 3 year aged horse and cow manure mixed with local compro. No fertilizers or chemicals are used in or around the property. 


Water: I am very lucky. My house was on well and than city water was piped in. The well was never closed and I have the well feeding the irrigation system for the entire property. 


The garden started out as a simple planting area. Over the years I have expanded to 970 SF. Fall of 2015, I am making the big step of adding a green house. The green house will be a simple 8'x6' wood frame with Polyethylene plastic covering the entire structure. The starter station you see in the pictures will be moved into the green house. Stay tuned for some pics of the new green house!


I grow an large variety of tomatoes, cucumbers & peppers along with 4 types of squash and zucchini in the spring. The eggplant & okra have been fun and taste amazing. The berry enclosure houses blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and two types of grapes. We grow 5-6 types of beans along the back fence. The spring crops consist of different types kale and lettuce, Broccoli, cabbage and herbs. The artichoke plants have been my favorite. We continue to add new plants every year. We also added 5 apple trees, 2 plumb trees, pear tree and a cherry tree.


The garden grows every year and I can honestly say my passion for gardening grows with it. It is not easy and a lot of time and hard work goes into the garden. If you plan on building a garden and need any help or advise, I am happy to help. You can email me right here at:


Thank you and Happy Gardening!


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