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Retaining Walls are constructed for many different reasons using a wide range of materials and methods.


NRC has been building Retaining Walls for over two decades. We have used all types of materials including Segmental Wall Systems, CMU and Concrete. Natural Stone and Boulders have been used for landscape walls and pillars. While NRC is on site, we will explain Retaining Wall options and we will give you the best option for your situation. If you are trying to hold back a large amount of soil that will be handling pressure, a segmental wall would be your best option. Looking for a decorative wall that will act as a landscape backdrop? A natural stone wall or CMU with veneer would be a better fit. No matter what you choose, NRC is more than qualified to Design & Install your new wall. We have engineers and inspectors ready to go in order to minimize delays and keep your project moving.


What Type of Wall is Right For Me

Segmental Retaining Wall System


A Segmental Wall is constructed using individual blocks of concrete that are stacked to build a wall. Material options are endless but not all wall blocks can be used for retaining soil or holding back pressure. If your application is calling for a Wall that will be built next to a driveway, you will need wall material that is made to handle the pressure of the vehicles and driveway materials. If you are looking for a Seat Wall that will only hold back a small amount of soil you can use a wide range of wall materials that are not over engineered. When building a free standing wall, the wall material must be double sided block in order to have a finished look all the way around. All of the ends will be split in order to give the wall a great textured finish. NRC will reccomend the best material for your application.

Segmental Retaining Wall

CMU on Concrete Footing


CMU or Concrete Masonry Unit walls are very common. Among many uses, CMU is most commonly used to build foundations for residential and commercial properties & a wide variety of landscape construction applications. When installed correctly, CMU can be a very strong and versatile building material. When using CMU to build a retaining wall many important steps are taken to insure a solid long lasting structure. This wall would be best for your application if you need a wall that will hold pressure while giving you a stone veneer. Natural stone and stone veneer can be mortared to CMU to give you a retaining wall that is both beautiful & functional. Proper drainage is essential to a CMU wall. Hydrostatic pressure can build easily behind CMU. Natural stone can be used to cap the wall.

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