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Pool Design & Construction

Pool Renovation

NRC will design the perfect pool for you and your family. Wether you looking for a contemporary, modern look or a natural setting with planters and boulders, NRC will work with you to design the pool of your dreams. We will help you decide on the type of pool that will better fit your needs. NRC is a turn key builder which means you only have to deal with one contractor for everything from the pool installation, pooldeck, landscaping and lighting, fencing to final grading and sod. We have great engineers and 3rd party inspectors. Call NRC today to design the backyard oasis you have been dreaming of.

Some say a pool can cause a homes value to decline. If that pool is in bad shape it can only make matters worse. When selling a home with a pool, make the pool an exciting addition to the home instead of an eyesore that makes the potential buyers see nothing but dollar signs. A pool that potential buyers can see their family using can actually help sell the house. We can do a lot with your existing pool. We can add water features and deck jets or redesign your pooldeck with planters and walls. We can upgrade your equipment and add automation as well. NRC will help you transform your existing pool from boring to beautiful. 

Making a pool look pretty is one thing, making a pool function properly and stay structurally sound is another. When designing your pool, hydraulics are key in keeping your water clean and safe. A pool with poorly designed hydraulics can also make your equipment work harder and worse, fail prematurely.

When we design your pool, we will consider many important details including:

- Location of the pool

- How much use the pool will get

- Integration with existing outdoor spaces

- Optimal equipment location

- Future outdoor spaces or additions

- Surrounding environmental impacts

And more...

The NRC Difference...

After these critical details have been implemented in your design, then we move to designing your shell. We work with the best engineers in the industry to make sure your pool shell will last for decades. We won't give all our secrets away, but here is a few things NRC does that sets us apart from our competition:

We only use #4 and 5 re-bar in our pool shells

- We use 5000 psi Shotcrete (which is also used to build office buildings)

- Thickened footing under ledges and spas

- Thicker floors (industry standard only get 6" most of the time. We gauge our floors with 8" minimum)

- Proper bonding with a continuous bond

And more.

Our experience and updated knowledge of modern materials and techniques add to the NRC difference.

Designing A Pooldeck

An important part of a pool design is the PoolDeck. Very often the pooldeck is overlooked when designing a pool. If designed properly the pooldeck can be a nice addition to your outdoor living. Things you want to think of while designing a pool are: Do you plan hosting events and parties around your pool? How long will my children be using the pool? How much time will be spent outside when the pool is closed? We will help you design a functional area that your family will use and enjoy without spending money on wasted space that is never used.


Pooldeck Materials

When picking the material for your pooldeck, here are some things to keep in mind. The sun can be your friend or your worst enemy. If your pool gets full sun, look into products that will not absorb the heat. Materials like natural flagstone hold onto the heat and can burn your feet. We recommend pools that are mostly shaded use natural stone. Man made materials like Pavers and Concrete manage the heat better and come in shapes and color that look just like Flagstone. We will take all of these critical options and many more into consideration when designing or renovating your pool. 

Water Features

A Waterfall or Water Feature can be added to a new or existing pool. A Waterfall will provide great sound and can help reduce other sounds like road noise or pool equipment. We have installed Waterfalls into walls and pillars that were installed when the pool was built. We can add walls and boulder ledges to an existing pool as well. Depending on your equipment, some pools already have auxiliary pumps that can be converted into a Waterfall pump. We can integrate the waterfall into your automated system as well. Deck jets are always fun and kids love them! 


Pool Renovation & Construction


When your pool is in need of an update, NRC can offer a turn key solution. We offer great pooldeck and coping options that can bring your outdated pool back to life.

All of the materials we use on pooldecks are ADA compliant. Tile and plaster options are endless but we will help guide you threw the design process and make it fun and easy. NRC can also add waterfalls and LED lighting to an old pool and original pool walls. You will be surprised with what we can do with your pool. 


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